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Parents Are Essential Partners


We can't do it without you. Nobody is more invested in your child's success than you. Adelaide Banks Consulting is here to serve parents in the Campaign for Literacy Success.

There are many tools available just an arm's length away.

Get started today to jumpstart your literacy giant. It may be your most important task for grooming your child to start school ready to succeed.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Work together on basic preschool skills including identifying colors, shapes, numbers and alphabets.

  • Buy lots of books. Books in the home make children smarter.

  • Let your children see you enjoying a book.

  • Take children to reading events. Check your local library for reading activities.

  • Start reading at bedtime. It might be the best 15 minutes of your day.

  • Tell your child how proud you are to see them enjoying books.

  • Organize a neighborhood reading event. It's easy. Plan an event on a Saturday afternoon for all the neighborhood children (and parents) to come and enjoy reading.

  • Set up a home literacy space where you can store books and learning materials.



Time spent doing literacy activities create lasting bonds between parents and children. Your child will look forward to sharing Mom and Dad time and will do the same with their children.

Even if you cannot spend the amount of time you'd like reading together, make sure your child has a variety of books that they can own, turn the pages, make up stories about the pictures (if they cannot read) and just love having books. You can find books at Dollar and Thrift stores.

Your Baby's Brain

From day one, a child’s brain

begins forming connections which build the foundation for all learning he or she will experience later in life. In fact 90% of children's critical brain development occurs by age 5. Children who are read to, sung to and talked to from a young age develop bigger vocabularies, become better readers, and are more likely to succeed in school.

Learning Challenges

Research shows that when children receive quality early learning experiences, they are 40% less likely to fall behind in school and 70% more likely to graduate from high school. 

Remember that the window for your child's brain growth is short - only the first 5 years or so.


Get started today preparing a brain that will create WINNERS IN LIFE.

Learning Gifts and Challenges


Everybody has gifts and everybody has challenges. Sometimes it's a matter of understanding which is which before we can become "winners." Some challenges are physical, some are medical and some are classified as learning difficulties. You would be surprised who won over their learning challenges. Consider this list.

      Whoppi Goldberg, Cher, Will Smith, Albert Einstein,

      Walt Disney, President George Washington, Bill Gates,             Steven Spielberg, Tom Crews, Mohamed Ali and William           Shakespeare to name a few. 

All of these WINNERS realized that their gifts and talents could be realized despite a learning challenge. An overcoming attitude and confidence in what you can become makes WINNERS.

If your child is challenged in any way, find out what can be done to support your WINNER.

Parenting Books

Focus on Basic Skills

Alphabets     Colors

Numbers    Shapes

Nursery Rhymes

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