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Adelaide Banks Consulting

Hi. I'm Adelaide Banks. I've been working with families to improve literacy education since 2001, when I founded Read Seed, Inc. We have given thousands of books to low income children in Central and Eastern North Carolina. It has been a wonderful learning experience along the way. Here are a few things that I now know.

  • A child should have books in the home from an early age to ready them for academic success. Books in the home create positive outcomes for all children regardless of race, ethnicity or family socio-economic status.

  • Parental involvement makes a big difference in helping children become successful. All parents can teach their babies and are their first teachers.

  • We must not assume that everybody knows the value of early childhood literacy. Educators know how critical literacy is and I believe that if parents also knew that reading could make the difference between a child's success or failure...they would do all they could to introduce them to books early in life. 

  • Most important, ACCESS TO INFORMATION is the game changer of the 21st Century. You may be gifted, responsible and ambitious, but not knowing the correct doors to open the path to your dreams will leave many of us wanting. Sharing knowledge is the greatest gift we can give.

  • When we enlist parents in the education solution, we lay foundations for success.



Working together we empower parents, create partners with schools and teach future generations a winning approach to school readiness. 

ASB Education Materials

Validation through self recognition


When children see their likeness presented in a positive way, they will embrace positive feeling about themselves. Research supports improved academic outcomes when Black children use materials reflecting themselves. This practice is not uncommon in schools, places of worship and advertising to Black markets because the results are conclusive.

What are the messages sent by the materials used to educate Black children?

  • Positive Self Identity

  • Acceptance and Inclusion

  • Viewing success of somebody like "me"

  • Validating culture and lifestyles

  • Acknowledgment of adult caregiver's role in your life

  • Reinforcing awareness of Black Professionals


We offer a range of teaching and awareness materials that will enlighten not only Black students but with widespread use can encourage racial understanding by negating stereotypes.


All Parents Care

All Children Win

Addressing Education Issues Concerning Black Parents



Acknowledging That All Parents Can Prepare Children For School Success

Partnering With Parents. What Do You Want To Achieve?​


Identifying Skills That Parents Need And Those They Already Have

Work With A Skilled Team To Find The Answers

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