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Working with parents to hone skills needed to serve as First Teachers is our primary service. This is supported by using Culturally Relevant Teaching materials. Additional programs may grow out of needs identified and addressed.

Meeting the needs of our partners... Our Parents. 

Parent Workshops
Early Childhood Literacy Education

Workshops are tailored for specific audiences. We offer abbreviated 'new parent" events as well as half day Parental Involvement workshops.


Our teaching methods are customized to create active parent participation and interactive team building. To inspire honest expression of needs and concerns, workshops are closed sessions for participants only. 


The curriculum includes learning the importance of early childhood literacy intervention, coming to terms with personal identity and esteem issues, parents as first teachers, race and achievement gaps, Black Achievers, preschool readiness, know learning challenges, how to deal with school issues, involving parents in skill building and accessing what our children face every day. Workshop includes a meal and networking component.


Each participant will receive a free childrens book, gifts and materials for school readiness skill building.

Follow Up Support

​Participants are assigned tasks and encouraged to network with each other after the session. We offer informal post- workshop support to lend guidance and encouragement. 

Coach Training

Coaches are selected from former workshop participants and trained to build coalitions of activist parents. They are charged with building networks of parents within the community working to improve academic ourcomes. 


Private Consultation and Event Planning

By appointment


Parents are encouraged to organize Literacy Events in their community. We are available to assist with planning a great event. 



Project Bedtime Story 
Introducing Bedtime Reading 

Bedtime is storytime in many households, but we need to expand this magic time to every household. Project Bedtime Story works with partners and supporters to teach the value of night time reading.  

Project Incentives 

To encourage greater participation Project Bedtime Story may offer incentives to participants such as books and gifts. The greater gift is the bonding that happens between reader and child, but it's always nice to get a bonus for doing good work.

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